Essential Common Core Books Offer Timely Support

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About the Books

First, ASCD debuted The Core Six: Essential Strategies for Achieving Excellence with the Common Core for educators with a strong grasp of the new standards who are eager to support a rigorous Common Core curriculum. ASCD then partnered with McREL to create four quick-start guides—part of our Understanding Common Core State Standards series—to meet educators’ need for resources that approach the new standards by grade level and subject area. The books focus on implementation strategies and offer busy educators accessible resources from a trusted researcher.

Essential Common Core Books Offer Timely Support

For educators in the 45 states working to bring the Common Core State Standards to life, ASCD developed a strategic handbook and implementation guides, authored by leading thinkers in education.

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Free EduCore Website Eases Transition to Common Core

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Why We Made It

Prior to the launch of the EduCore tool in August, secondary teachers were in tremendous need of instructional resources that support Common Core implementation in mathematics and English language arts and literacy, but they had access to few or no free solutions that organized and effectively disseminated this content. In the first two months after its launch, EduCore attracted more than 35,000 unique visitors and 10,000 registrants.

What It Offers

The EduCore tool helps mathematics educators understand formative assessment as an integral component of reflective teaching, providing lessons developed by the Mathematics Assessment Project that deliver instructional strategies aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

For English, science, history, and social studies educators, the EduCore site offers Literacy Design Collaborative sample lessons that can be used across grade levels, content areas, and instructional approaches to help students succeed.

Through 2014, ASCD will be following two U.S. school districts, tracking their progress and providing on-site and virtual support as they use the tool for their Common Core professional development.

Free EduCore Website Eases Transition to Common Core

With a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, ASCD created the EduCore tool, a repository of evidence-based strategies, videos, and supporting documents that help educators transition to the Common Core State Standards.

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Common Core Courses Deliver On-Demand Learning

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What They Offer

Debuted early in 2012, the suite of seven self-paced Common Core courses on mathematics and literacy strategies is designed to help educators at all levels gain a deeper understanding of the Common Core State Standards and learn techniques that can help improve their implementation skills and build confidence. And the full 2012 lineup of Common Core courses offers further opportunities to delve into classroom application.

Survey Says…

Reported that these courses gave them the tools to translate their learning into practice

Reported that the video component added significantly to their achievement of course objectives
Reported that they were “very likely” to recommend this course to a friend
*Data taken from 2012 user survey administered by ASCD.
Educators’ Response

Many different styles to the presentation of information keep the experience engaging.

The course provided information that I wanted, and the articles were thought-provoking.
I found that all instruction applied in some way to my classroom.
I now have a much greater knowledge about the purpose of the Common Core standards and how to implement them.
I especially liked the videos that showed strategies being used in a real classroom.
What educators who made the ASCD courses part of their professional development experience said.*
*Quotations are anonymous and taken from a 2012 user survey administered by ASCD.

Common Core Courses Deliver On-Demand Learning

ASCD released new online courses that offer U.S. educators deep insight into practical applications of the new standards. Educators greeted the courses with enthusiasm and high praise for their quality.

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