ASCD Master Class Video Series Supports Leaders’ Growth

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Why We Made It

The focus in the education community is shifting from teachers to leaders, what they do, and how it affects schools and students. As renowned principal and ASCD Master Class guest Baruti Kafele aptly put it, “You show me a school with extraordinary teachers and a weak leader, and I’ll show you an underperforming school.” In response, ASCD developed this five-part series of advanced seminars to help meet leaders’ growing needs.

About the Series

The videos evaluate the toughest, most thought-provoking education issues of the day while meeting busy school and district leaders where they are. Each video deeply explores a topic—such as instructional leadership, teacher evaluation, or professionalism—and helps viewers connect with fellow leaders in a way that sparks thought and supports thought leadership.

Each episode is accessible through the PD In Focus® online application.

Coauthor of Aim High, Achieve More Yvette Jackson discusses how to transform the urban classroom.
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ASCD Master Class Video Series Supports Leaders’ Growth

The ASCD Master Class video series comprises five programs that explore leadership and are hosted by renowned journalist Claudio Sanchez. Guests include James Stronge, Baruti Kafele, and Mike Schmoker.

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