ASCD’s Presence on Pinterest Website Makes PD Social

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ASCD debuted its official Pinterest page in June to provide educators with yet another avenue for professional development—this one, social.

ASCD’s Pinterest boards—Learn. Teach. Lead., Professional Development, Supporting the Whole Child, We’re Reading, Education Infographics, and 2013 ASCD Annual Conference—deliver powerful images and videos from both ASCD and the greater education community. Users can organize and re-pin the content that moves them and then access the content during lesson planning, professional learning community meetings, or anytime they are online.

ASCD Social Media Overview


Connect on our social media channels and pages like many others have already.

Data was collected in November 2012.
Engage With Our Blogs

ASCD’s official blog, Inservice, offers its more than 150,000
readers conversation, insight, and resources as it discusses teaching
practices and presents multiple perspectives on today’s most relevant topics.

More than 85,000 educators, parents, community members, policymakers,
and students turn to the Whole Child Blog for resources and thought
leadership about how to ensure that each student is healthy, safe,
engaged, supported, and challenged. Posts show just what a
whole child approach to education looks like in action.

ASCD’s Presence on Pinterest Website Makes PD Social

Adding to our social media efforts, ASCD unveiled six boards on the popular image-sharing site Pinterest with the intent to empower, inspire, and build meaningful connections with educators.

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