First Ever Whole Child Network Empowers Schools to Do More

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Why It Was Formed

Will a student show up for class if he is consistently bored or relentlessly bullied? Can a learner focus on the lesson if she’s sitting in the back of the room hungry? In today’s test-driven climate, there is a hesitation to pursue a whole child approach to education, but to enable students to excel, we must ensure that they are healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. The Whole Child Network of Schools provides an opportunity to demonstrate this approach and make it accessible.

What It Means For You

The diverse schools selected for the network have committed to a comprehensive, three-year school improvement process using the tenets of the Whole Child Initiative and their indicators as a sustainable, whole child approach to education. The efforts of the 10 schools will demonstrate how any school, urban or rural, large or small, can approach change by asking the right questions and focusing on interventions that go well beyond prescriptive classroom practices.

First Ever Whole Child Network Empowers Schools to Do More

Ten schools from the United States and Guam have been selected to participate in a comprehensive school improvement process framed by the tenets and indicators of the Whole Child Initiative.

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