PD In Focus® v2.0 Helps Educators Better Meet Goals

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About PD In Focus

The PD In Focus online application is a gateway for learning that opens the doors to content through channels organized by specific topic areas. It enables educators to own their career by investing in professional development that’s flexible and always available.

What’s New

Among the PD In Focus v2.0 enhancements are:

  1. customizable channels
  2. new group discussion boards
  3. a video comment tool
Administrators will also appreciate new features that can help them better guide learning and improve accountability:
Enhanced assignment capabilities that personalize assignments for individual teachers.
Automatic e-mail alerts that instantly update users on the status of assignments.
Downloadable reports.
Veteran educator and best-selling ASCD author Harvey Silver explains the promise of the Common Core State Standards.
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PD In Focus® v2.0 Helps Educators Better Meet Goals

ASCD made significant enhancements to the web-based PD In Focus tool, which provides on-demand access to highly effective professional development videos. Version 2.0 offers customizable channels and group discussion boards.

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